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More from me and brakes' Rule 63 Zine, available at storenvy. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, this time! I feel like John would be fashionably modern.

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The Becket Sisters, “Riley” and “Nancy”!

These two are from me and brakes' Rule 63 Zine, which is for sale here at my storenvy! I was really excited to do Pacific Rim though about halfway through the cast I was like “why…”

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ALSO FOR TEKKO I MADE AN X-FILES PRINT and i forgot to put it up until now orz

if i put these up (I have a couple left over from the con in 11x17), would anyone be interested?

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Judgment, The Tower, The Wheel of Fortune

I did these for a school project on subcultures (naturally I chose comic books and fanart), and I wanted to make a whole deck of the Marvel Arcana, but that probably won’t happen for a veeery long time. I’ll probably revisit The Tower and The Wheel of Fortune since those were kind of rushed, but we’ll see.

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[ x ] “I tried my hardest at roller skating, continuing to do it, and similar to kendama, I reached the level where people would go “ooh”. I thought, if I give it a try, I can do anything. I was so happy. Following from that, I have had various hobbies.

For example, the theremin. Initially, I couldn’t discern even whether it was a musical instrument or not, but I watched my friend perform with it and was very moved. “This is truly a musical instrument,” I felt.”

so mobagaming translated another HEROES COLUMN CARD, this time for Sky High, and mongtsatsa and I got talking:

mong: I JUST
mong: love the idea
mong: because theremins are SO HARD TO PLAY
tarte: THEY ARE
tarte: i’m gonna draw him playing an otamatone
tarte: i feel like that’s something he’d be into
mong: tiger gave it to him
tarte: everyone regrets this decision but tiger

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CHECK OUT MY WICKED NEW FLOWER CROWN THAT’S AMAZING!!! Bought it from HERE and WORTH EVERY NICKEL! Definitely planning to wear this to my friend’s wedding BJ


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THIS IS MY DESIGN - A Will Graham-inspired Flower Crown

Second in the series of Hannibal-inspired flower crowns, this crown is also known as the “Would Somebody Please Help Will Graham?!” flower crown. I figured I’d take some photos of it this weekend in solidarity with all my friends who watch Hannibal, hehe. The flower meanings in the Victorian tradition are as follows:

  • Thistles - promise of pain
  • Dahlia - instability, dignity
  • Dahlia (cont.) - My gratitude exceeds your care.
  • Rose Leaves - You may hope.
  • Juniper - assistance in times of hardship and distress
  • Cypress - death

This’ll eventually be available on my Storenvy, and my flower crown commission info is as always here. Stay strong, Hannibal fandom!

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Two bad webcam photos of crowns I sent out a while ago - left to right, Louise and Ciel.

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i got excited about TOP again

2-year timeskip

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long overdue pictures of my ciel themed flower crown by tarteauxfraises

featured flowers and their languages:

nerine lily - majesty

magnolia - royalty

wisteria - love lost

violet - mourning

blue rose - mystery and intrigue

black rose - vengeance

plum blossoms - privation, suffering

y’all should commission flower crowns from her or at least check out her collection bc she is perf and her flower crowns are perf and they are very reasonably priced c:

WOW look at this gorgeous miss! thank you very much for the photos!

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